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1 2019 JUPAS (HKDSE) Admissions Figures For applicants who have fulfilled the minimum entrance requirements, admission scores are calculated based on their HKDSE results and subject weightings for selection purposes. The information provided here is the

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2018 JUPAS Admissions Score Reference The admission scores shown on this webpage are applicable to local students only. For applicants who have fulfilled the minimum entrance requirements, admission scores are calculated for selection purposes.

As one of the top universities in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) is committed to facilitating students’ all-round development as well as supporting their professional competence and academic excellence.

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In consideration of the latest situation with the Novel Coronavirus Infection, the JUPAS Office will be closed from 17 Feb to 22 Feb 2020 (inclusive). All enquiries should be sent by email to the JUPAS Office at [email protected] We apologise for any inconvenience

Score Information for Applicants’ Reference 1. After you have met the cut-off score requirement, admission scores are calculated based on your public examination results. 2. Cut-off Score Applicants to undergraduate programmes must attain scores equal to or

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Failure to upload the required documents may affect your chances of admission or prolong the application process. For documents like “Predicted Score Report” or “reference letter” which are considered as “confidential” by your school / institution, please

Why PolyU? Our education and research promise of “Opening Minds • Shaping the Future” steers us towards our vision of advancing and transferring knowledge, and providing the best holistic education for the benefit of Hong Kong, the nation and the world.

All HKDSE applicants will initially be prioritized based on the admission score. For applicants with the same admission score, programmes will make reference to their reference score which is an aggregation of all HKDSE subject results with subject

If you are given an offer or a conditional offer of admission, you will need to ask your university/institution (except for PolyU) and the relevant test provider(s) to send certified copies of your certificate(s), official transcript(s) and score report directly to the University.

A Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) score of 80 for the Internet-based test or 550 for the paper-based test; OR An overall Band Score of at least 6 in the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). Individual cases will be considered *.

section is for reference only and should not be used to predict the chance of admission to any programme in subsequent years. 2. As UCAS has introduced a new Tariff System since 2017, the calculation of GCE Admissions Score Range of 2019 entry has

The Library actively supports the University’s mission by providing integrated and timely access to high quality scholarly resources, an inspiring environment for intellectual growth and discovery, with responsive and outreaching services delivered by knowledgeable

Admission Score Calculation 11. What is the admission score calculation mechanism for PolyU programmes? Individual programmes select either 5 or 6 HKDSE subjects for calculation of admission scores starting from 2017-18 admissions exercise.

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The median and lower quartile scores are for reference only and should not be used to predict the likelihood of admission. The selection criteria vary each year, and many types of score are used in the selection process. In addition to public examination results

3. All admission figures are provided for reference only. The public examination results of students admitted to each program vary from year to year. HKUST considers an applicant’s whole profile, on top of the HKDSE score.

Physiotherapy (PT) is the art and science of rehabilitation, preventing injuries and disabilities, restoring independence and promoting a maximal level of function to individuals with physical and psychological disorders.Physiotherapists make use of multiple physical

PolyU welcomes applications from quality candidates from around the world. The following guidelines are for reference of students who wish to seek admission to PolyU based on non-local qualifications. Qualifications that cannot be found below will be considered

Notes CiteScore is calculated on an annual basis, showing the average citations for a full calendar year.CiteScore Tracker calculation is updated every month, giving a current indication of a journal’s performance. CiteScore is a metric without field-normalization, thus should not be compared between subject fields (different citation practices across disciplines affect the values of the metric).

Author: Jenny Lam

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3. All admission figures are provided for reference only. The public examination results of students admitted to each program vary from year to year. HKUST considers an applicant’s whole profile, on top of the HKDSE Score. SCORE FORMULAE AND ONLINE

Admissions HKBU offers full-time integrated undergraduate, postgraduate programmes leading to master or doctoral degrees with the aim of nurturing students’ all-round development through a unique and enriching learning experience.

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Admissions Scores of HKDSE Applicants Admitted in 2018 Code Programme Selection Principle Upper Quartile Median Lower Quartile Lowest Faculty of Architecture 6004 BA(AS) Best 5 30 28 26 25 6016 BSC(SURV) Best 5 30 28 28 27 6028 BA(LS) Best 5

Referencing Resources on the Internet Referencing Pages – an overview of using sources and referencing Reference Machine – a program to help you write references. You fill in the boxes with the author’s name etc. and the computer formats the reference

101 Innovations in Scholarly Communication is a project initiated by the Utrecht University Library, which aims to discover how the emerging tools and activities can be incorporated in the different stages of research workflows (Discovery, Analysis, Writing, Publication, Outreach and Assessment), and reform the landscape of scholarly communication.

Author: Eddie Ko

You fill in the boxes with the author’s name etc. and the computer formats the reference for you. You can use one of the following styles: APA style: for an in-text citation, a book, an article in a journal, a chapter in an edited volume, a newspaper or, an , an .

He has an MPhil degree from the Electronic Engineering Department at HKUST and a PhD from PolyU. His research interest lies in the areas of optical motion capture technology, character animation, movement analysis, online interactivity, user experience design, interactive media, and cross-disciplinary multimedia works.

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Quick Student Guide to Using Turnitin Assignment with [email protected](理學網) A. Submitting a Turnitin Assignment 4 Step 5 To upload your assignment, click Submit. Step 6 Select Single file upload (i.e. submitting a file to the assignment), or Cut & paste upload (i.e.

1. Information about the report (called the ‘Terms of Reference’). 1.1 Who asked for the report (Past tense, passive voice)Most reports are requested by a manager, but some are commissioned by people or organisation outside the company, and some are written by

Reference management tools Maintain huge number of references for your dissertations or research projects Manage, organize, cite and collaborate Create and format references in various citation styles instantly Import citations from databases, library catalogues

However, applicants who have not taken the preferred subjects will still be considered for admission but they may need to take relevant underpinning subjects after admission to PolyU. For admission to the BSc(Hons) in Nursing and BSc(Hons) in Mental Health Nursing, students must have Level 3 or above in at least two HKDSE elective subjects from Category A.

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The information provided is subject to ongoing review. The University reserves the right to amend the information from time to time. Best Viewed with resolution of 1024 x 768 (or higher) and supports Internet Explorer 8+, Mozilla Firefox 3.5+, Google Chrome and

The suggested levels refer to those used in the Centre for Independent Language Learning at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and approximately relate to a student’s score in the Form 7 Use of English exam. PenPALS – pen-pals listed by sex and age – choose the category you are interested in, check the listings and click on the person you would like to would like to communicate with.

1 Candidates with level 4 in English Language and good results in other HKDSE subjects will be exceptionally considered on a case by case basis.If these candidates are admitted, they will be required to take 6 additional credits in University English to complete

The study places offered by PolyU through JUPAS are intended primarily for admission of local school leavers. Applicants who are studying a programme or have attained qualifications at the same or above level as the programmes for which they are applying will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Because of the small intake to the program, admissions grades of the following programs are not suitable for references. JS5314 – BBA Information System (IS) JS5315 – BBA Management (MGMT) For more details about the entrance score reference for Business

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1 What are the aims of the Online Tutorial on Academic Integrity? As part of the University’s continuous effort in maintaining a fair and honest learning environment at PolyU, an online tutorial has been developed to: • raise your awareness of the University’s

This programme is underpinned by the philosophy that our graduates should be capable of coping with rapidly changing market conditions in Hong Kong, the Chinese mainland and the region, and with the demands of their future professions in land surveying, geo

If you want to find synonyms for key words in your assignments, you should consult a thesaurus. This is a reference book which lists words with similar meanings. You can also check the thesaurus on your word processing programme; e.g. in Microsoft Word

No. Title Edition Call No. Author 1 101 helpful hints for IELTS. General training & academic modules Int’l PE1128 .A334 2000 Garry Adams 2 202 useful exercises for IELTS. General training & academic modules Int’l PE1128 .A335 2000 Garry Adams 3 404

WHY CUHK A Unique Learning Experience CUHK in Numbers Studying in Hong Kong Sharing EXPERIENCE CUHK Campus Environment Colleges All-Round Development Events PROGRAMMES Individual Programmes Undergraduate Curriculum APPLICATION

OEA is one of the factors for the University in considering applicants’ performances in addition to achievements at HKDSE Examination results. Applicants should make reference to their own Student Learning Profiles (SLP) when providing the OEA information.

PolyU SPEED is a self-financed institution offering a diversity of quality top-up Bachelor’s degree programmes leading to PolyU-SPEED awards, including honours degree programmes, in full-time and part-time study modes.

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2013-14年度新生入學成績 Admission Scores for FHSS Programmes 2013-14 查詢2014-15年度香港文憑考試學生的入學成績計算方法,請於2014年

PolyU Library used to subscribe Medline via OVID, but we have switched to EbscoHost since the beginning of 2019. It is a literature reference database produced by Gale which provides biographical and contextual materials on literary figures from all time

The well-known structural-similarity (SSIM) index brings IQA from pixel based stage to structure based stage. In this work, a novel feature-similarity (FSIM) index for full reference IQA is proposed based on the fact that human visual system (HVS) understands an