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Why BUSINESS NETVIGATOR 1 The FIRST ISP in Hong Kong provides mobile-PC cross platform messaging and file sharing. 2 WORLD-CLASS data center for email and data hosting managing 4,000,000+ emails a day 3 The MOST COMPREHENSIVE Wi-Fi


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NETVIGATOR Email Service NETVIGATOR email is a personal email service with unlimited storage and anti-spam protection, enabling NETVIGATOR customers to share, organize and keep up to speed across multiple platforms.

商業網上行 寛頻優勢 1 全港首個提供流動電話至個人電腦跨平台短訊及檔案分享的互聯網服務供應商 2 世界級電郵及數據處理中心,每日處理電郵數量超過 4,000,000封 3 全港Wi-Fi

提供無限儲存容量及過濾垃圾電郵功能,讓您輕鬆與親友保持聯繫。 很多網上服務都需要使用電郵地址登記,您的郵箱有機會充斥大量的推廣電郵。臨時電子郵件地址功能讓您自行設定最多20個隨手可用的電郵地址,重要訊息得以從其他訊息分隔。

網上行家居寬頻 網上行寬頻新標準, 將速度全面提升, 提供1G 至10G的選擇, 為今日、未來作好準備。 提供屢獲殊榮的防毒軟件 Norton Security、銀行級 Wi-Fi 加密軟件 Norton Secure VPN 及家長監護軟件 Norton Family Premier,保障您的網絡安全。

NETVIGATOR Email NETVIGATOR email is a personal service offering unlimited storage and anti-spam protection, enabling customers to share, organize and keep up to speed across multiple platforms. The Exchange ActiveSync feature enables you to check

現今企業工作團隊流動性極高,不再只埋首辦公桌,而是經常四出公幹。「商業網上行」備有完善的流動寬頻服務,讓團隊人員與公司及客戶,保持緊密聯繫。 全城隨處上網 隨時收發電郵 隨時視察倉舖 隨處存

「商業網上行」設有不同渠道提供服務。您除可聯絡電訊盈科客戶經理、致電熱線及電郵查詢外,更可親臨於商業區域的電訊盈科專門店設置的商務專櫃及客戶服務中心,與我們面洽。 電郵查詢

Enjoy the convenience of managing your service(s) like checking your bills with your My HKT account. You may also get instant support via “Live Chat” if needed. 登入您的My HKT 賬戶,隨時隨地輕鬆管理您各項服務,例如查閱賬單等。有需要時,更可透過 「在線客

親愛的商業網上行客戶: 閣下如欲使用商業網上行電郵服務,請前往商業網上行網站 www.biznetvigator.com,於「客戶登入」中輸入你的客戶名稱及及登入密碼,在登 入後選取

1.Keep your NETVIGATOR login information confidential and change your password frequently via cs.netvigator.com to ensure optimum security. 2.Deleting emails you don’t need on a frequent basis will improve your view and search experience. 3.Beware of scam

1.請緊記將你的網上行登入賬戶資料保密,並定期透過 cs.netvigator.com 更改密碼以確保您的賬戶享有更高的安全性。 2.定期刪除不必要的電郵,能讓您在查看或搜尋電郵時更為靈活流暢。 3.小心欺詐郵件。不要透露您的個人資料。網上行採納高度安全標準及程序,以防止客戶之資料未經授權而外洩。


BROADBAND CONNECTIVITY Whether communicating, collaborating, promoting or transacting, almost all modern business is conducted via broadband Internet. Business NETVIGATOR offers a range of super-fast, completely reliable and highly flexible Internet access packages that definitely benefit your business in each of these vital areas.

OVERVIEW Powerful web app brings order to your daily business routine. Email is pivotal to every business – but can it manage your tasks, share files, set up meetings and collaborate with peers and partners? HKT Cloud Office – Advanced Email is a web-based

Advanced Email provides open source server and client software for messaging and collaboration. To find out more visit https://www.zimbra.com. Back to Advanced Email Service

Mailbox on-demand. Saves you the time of having to co-ordinate with your ISP by enabling you to log onto Business NETVIGATOR Service Portal and instantly add or delete email accounts with a couple of mouse clicks. Storage on-demand. Enables you to

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Netvigator Email provides open source server and client software for messaging and collaboration. To find out more visit https://www.zimbra.com. Back to Netvigator Email Service

Your Business Netvigator Access Is About To Expire! 08/11/2016 2016年11月5 日 釣魚郵件 URGENT: Autopay rejection , avoid suspension of service ! 2016年11月5日 釣魚郵件 Warning Your Email [email protected] is running low 客戶名稱: 登入密碼:

Do you know broadband access is only part of our services and solutions for your business? Business NETVIGATOR provides a wide range of broadband solutions that support every aspect of your business. Check them out below.

PCCW Solutions, the IT flagship of PCCW Group, is a leading IT services company in Hong Kong and mainland China. We adopt the latest technology to help clients create business value and success in the ever-changing economic environment. We offer a wide

NETVIGATOR email is a personal email service with unlimited storage and anti-spam protection, enabling NETVIGATOR customers to share, organize and keep up to speed across multiple platforms.

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HKT Group and the PCCW Group, or their respective agents (including debt collection agents) and business partners, and applicable regulatory or governmental authorities (at all times to the extent permissible under applicable laws, licences, rules and

責任聲明: 本頁所顯示的資訊僅供參考,除特別注明外,客戶端軟件必需配備Windows 7系統。 由於以上的技術支援資料會隨日後新軟件或新的修補程式而做成影響,本公司不保證以上的資料是最新及最正確。 客戶需要就有關的問題向有關的軟件公司查詢。

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User Manual Prioritize Plus User Manual 1. Getting Started P.7 To access your Business NETVIGATOR webmail, simply select from the menu. To compose a new email, simply click Compose Email in the Call List. Note: • You can add multiple

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Powered by fixed/mobile integration technology, one communications simplifies your business operation and eliminates office hassles. Service features With one monthly fee, you can enjoy business telephone service, broadband and Wi-Fi,


病毒即時過濾, 廣告即時過濾, 電郵管理控制台, 多語言 Web mail 支持 pop3, smtp, imap, webmail, 次要MX 郵件備份及第三後備電郵系統, 電郵速度分佈系統, 多重電郵件伺服器技術, 可靠的Raid 10存貯系統. 請按這裡了解我們的企業電郵系統圖表

access any external POP3/IMAP account. Use WEBMAIL as a WebMail client for your existing mailbox. 更多資料 For more information on the WebMail service, please contact [email protected] – Fixed Broadband Email PHP 5.3 更改密碼

Netvigator is a residential Internet service provider in Hong Kong, operated as a brand of Hong Kong Telecom, a subsidiary of PCCW.The company did offer iTV, an interactive movie television network that allowed users to watch movies on their TV screen by DA:

香港寬頻獲Speedtest評為全港最快寬頻服務供應商^,以實惠價格提供極速流暢上網體驗。嶄新全功能Home Gateway網絡安全路由器支援2Gbps光纖寬頻,集先進家居網絡安全防護及家長監護功能於一身,為家庭用戶提供企業級網絡保安方案。

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The version of the browser you are using looks outdated or not supported; this means that Telstra My Account may not display correctly and some features may be unavailable to you. We recommend you update your browser. Download the latest Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or

Consulting Services, System Maintenance, Web, e-mail & server hosting, Helpdesk Support, Voice and Cabling, Equipment Rental Services. MY System Company (former name “Dreamtech”) was founded in 2003 and has grown from humble origins to become a

PacHosting multi-functional email hosting service. 50GB large mailbox fully supports Outlook®, mobiles and tablets. Share Anything with Coworkers A user friendly platform makes all the things simple and keeps works effective. Contacts Users can create multiple

Gmail is available across all your devices Android, iOS, and desktop devices. Sort, collaborate or call a friend without leaving your inbox.” Now more secure, smarter and easier to

New enhanced webmail platform “ATmail” is now available. This webmail can be access but it is no longer maintained from 2013-09-24