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裝咗 V drive App 再插隻手指就會即時認到,完全唔洗任何設定,入到去仲可以清楚見到日後升級 Firmware 或者 Format隻手指嘅選擇。 大家可以直接用 App Check 到部機同埋手指嘅可用空間,更可以將 iPhone 嘅聯絡人資料備份落手指,換新機就更加之

31/8/2010 · USB Disk lets you store, view and manage documents on your iPhone and iPad. It has an amazing built in document viewer and is very easy to use, with a simple and intuitive interface, yet it contains many powerful features. Useless!! This device is the biggest


好多人都會用 iPhone 影相拍片,方便係方便,但日子耐咗機內幾十 GB 就好快唔夠用,除了後悔當日唔買大啲容量,最近市場開始湧現一些 Lightning 儲存裝置,正如今日小編 就要同大家試玩呢款 SanDisk 最新 iXpand Flash drive,究竟除了備份仲有咩其他功能呢?

If you need more storage space on your iPhone, the easiest way to tack some on is with a special flash drive that features a lightning port on one end and a USB port on the other. You’ll use an app designed for that drive to actually manage files.

27/6/2012 · I never give any app five stars, but this one deserves it. The google drive app lets you use google docs, slides, sheets, classroom, and more without WiFi!, say you are on a road trip or a train, or plane, and you want to write, or do something on google classroom.


而在iPad、iPhone、iPod上安裝PhotoFast i-Flash Drive後,必須再安裝免費提供的App,才能具有一個獨立的操作介面,並還提供了錄音程式、聯絡人資料備份,以及Dropbox連線等的功能設定。

想將 iPhone/iPad 裡的照片匯出或備份到隨身硬碟?本教學介紹傳輸 iPhone 照片及其他資料到 USB 手指/隨身硬碟超簡單的方法,馬上跟著教學轉移 iPhone 資料。


iPhone、iPod touch 雖然有很大的硬碟,但無法直接做為隨身碟使用,只能透過 iTunes 同步音樂、照片、視訊,檔案格式也有限制;對於手邊沒有隨身碟、又臨時有需求的使用者來說,非常麻煩。透過 USB Disk 這個 App,可以將多種格式的檔案儲存到 iPhone 或

有了 Apple USB 超級光碟機,你再也不必擔心遺失連接線。透過超級光碟機內置的單一 USB Type-A 連接線,即可連接至 MacBook Pro 配備 Retina 顯示器、MacBook Air、iMac 或 Mac mini。無論你的 Mac 已插上電源或正以電池供電,不需額外的電源轉換器即可

顧客安全是 Apple 最優先的考慮。因此,我們所有產品 (包括 iPhone、iPad 和 iPod touch 的 USB 電源轉換器) 都經過嚴格的安全性和可靠度測試,設計亦符合全球各地政府的安全標準。 如要進一步了解如何為 iPhone、iPad 或 iPod touch 充電,請參閱 iPhone 使用手冊、iPad 使用手冊或 iPod 使用手冊的「安全、

如果你使用 USB 連接線將裝置連接到電腦後,電腦無法辨識 iPhone、iPad 或 iPod,這篇文章能夠幫助你。 當電腦無法辨識所連接的裝置時,畫面可能會顯示未知的錯誤或「0xE」錯誤。 遇到這種情況時,請依照以下步驟操作,並在完成各個步驟後再次嘗試連接裝置:

Looking to use the iPhone as a USB flash drive? Luckily, Apple allows apps to store files on the iPhone which means you have apps that turn your iPhone into a flash drive. Take a look at how you can do it:

19/9/2019 · USB Flash Drive support is now available in iOS 13! Check out the Lightning to USB 3 adapter on Amazon – https://amzn.to/2wnyqmL After a (very)

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尋找適用於 iPhone 的連接線、充電底座及外置電池。為你的 iPhone 充電及同步。網上購買,可享快捷的免費送貨服務。 Anker PowerPort I PD 60W 5-Port USB 牆壁充電器,配備 USB-C 連接線 – Previous Gallery Image Anker PowerPort I PD 60W 5-Port USB 牆壁

17/12/2016 · MassData iEasyDrive USB Drive for iphone in Amazon – Best iphone external storage – Duration: 6:11. Massdata 58,988 views 6:11 How to use iflash drive 3 in 1 . –

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Designed to be the perfect companion for your iPhone, the iXpand Flash Drive offers an easy way to free up space on your iPhone, automatically backs up your camera roll, and even lets you watch popular-format videos straight from the drive4. The drive has both a flexible Lightning connector that works with most cases and a USB 3.0 connector to plug into your Mac computer or PC so you can

These results were obtained through benchmarks on our iPhone 6. Expect better performance when these drives are paired with USB 3.0-equipped iPhone 7 and second generation of iPad Pro. As for the audio player, the Sandisk app was able to build a library


AUTOMATIC PHOTO BACKUP Set the mobile app to automatically back up your iPhone or iPad camera roll anytime the drive is connected. No need to manually select which photos to back up. Every time you plug it in, it does the work for you.


不過用哪個app開啟就由iOS話事,doc文件可以用pages去開啟,但mp3最多放到備忘錄,不能放進iTunes音樂庫,還是有一定限制。 6.將其他app的檔案過落手指 用其他app開啟手指內的檔案比較容易,要將照片以外的檔案過落手指就不是個個app做到。

15/1/2020 · 原來Iphone過相到電腦好方便,click internal storage內的DCIM便可以show晒啲相出嚟隨便copy and paste,但問題來了,我的notebook detect到我的iphone internal storage,但click 入DCIM就乜都冇,有時連internal storage都detect唔到,但期間可以正常叉電,究竟問題喺邊呢?我試過其他usb位,問

App 下載 商戶分類 情報 二手 網購 商戶中心 語言 繁體中文 简体中文 English (Beta SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive USB Type-C 3.1 256GB 容量: 256GB HK$ 240-429 比較報價 添加比較 SanDisk Cruzer Blade USB 32GB 容量: 32GB HK$ 37-65 比較報價 添加比較

-Lightning and USB 2.0 connectors –Companion app for iPhone/iPad-Covers to protect connectors when not in use -Stream videos/music from connected drive -Supports iOS, PC and Mac -Requires


You can upload files from your iPhone or iPad, or create files in Google Drive. Upload files and folders to Google Drive Work with Office files Create, edit, and format Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides Step 3: Share and organize files You can share files or folders

Of course, you cannot transfer photos albums from iPhone to USB drive in this way neither. It does support to transfer the videos in your Photos app on iPhone to computer. It’s actually easy to tranfer photos from iPhone to USB flash drive without iTunes by

PhotoFast’s i-FlashDrive HD USB drive allows you to easily transfer files from your Apple mobile device to a PC, but you’ll have to be patient. The primary purpose of a USB flash drive is to make


22/9/2016 · When you buy USB flash drive for iPhone, there are certain things you have to check on the specification. This includes the App Compatibility, supporting PC OS, lightning connector length, USB Speed and Standard Etc. Here is the buying guide of iPhone USB

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Free Disk is a free iPhone usb drive app which can easily turn your iPhone into a flash drive. Step 2: Start your Windows/Mac machine and make sure both iPhone and PC are on same Wi-fi network. Free Disk will make use of WiFi direct, so there’s no need of

would want to have one of these best iPhone flash drives to take control of storage, Videos shot in the iXpand Drive app are auto saved in the drive. With USB 3.0, it’s equipped to transfer data with top speed. It’s also available in 32GB and 128GB$43

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With an iPhone flash drive, that memory belongs to you. The best iPhone flash drives are durable and compact (but not so small that they’re easily lost) and USB 3.0. The app that interfaces with your iPhone flash drive should be intuitive, easy to learn, and

Learn How to Transfer Files from USB Flash to iPhone/iPad Without Computer. transfering data from USB Flash to iOS Devices made easy with iPhone USB Storage Hello, you all *I’m so happy you’re here on my website and I love to help you with video tutorials

28/3/2017 · Hi everyone, How can you mount Iphone as a drive on the MBP without install any apps. When you connect the Iphone to MBP, like USB stick, it shows up as a moutned drive, which you can copy the photos in & out. A friend of mine showed me how to do it once

12/11/2013 · USB Disk iPhone-App 2.0.1 Deutsch: Allen, denen ein Dateimanager im iPhone fehlt, wird mit der iPhone-App “USB Disk” kostenlos geholfen. Für Links auf dieser Seite erhält CHIP ggf. eine


These are instructions on how to use your iPhone as a USB stick / USB flash drive without needing to install software on your computer. Step One Press to launch Cydia from your iPhone Springboard

How to use a USB stick with your iPad To pull off this trick, you’ll need two things: The FileBrowser for Business app from Stratospherix A Sandisk iXpand Drive FileBrowser is an app that lets

什麼是 USB 3.1 Gen 1 (USB 3.0)? USB 3.0 是通用序列匯流排 (USB) 標準的第三個主要修訂版本,而且已經由 USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) 重新命名為 USB 3.1 Gen 1。但是在技術規格上並沒有任何變

Designed to be the perfect companion for your iPhone, the iXpand™ Mini Flash Drive offers an easy way to free up space on your iPhone, automatically backs up your camera roll, and even lets you watch popular-format videos straight from the drive5. The drive has both a Lightning connector that works with most cases and a USB 3.0 connector to plug into your PC or Mac computer so you can easily

10/12/2012 · We take a look at 3 different applications that turn your iPhone or iOS device into an external USB hard drive. One of the great things about the iPhone is that it

25/10/2017 · Buy PhotoFast i-FlashDrive HD 16GB USB Flash Drive For Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch as well as Mac/PC: USB Flash Drives – Amazon.com FREE DELIVERY possible


更快的傳輸速度 你更具生產力 每天,我們都頻繁的傳輸各種檔案,不知不覺也花去了我們的時間。而越慢的傳輸速度,我們就花去越久的時間等待, 無法做其他事。 iKlips隨身碟具備極速USB 3.1傳輸速率,無論大容量的檔案與HD影片,高速傳輸,從不拖泥帶水。

1/9/2015 · This guide explains how to transfer music from iPhone to any USB drive such as an external hard disk or a flash drive. Let’s back up your music to an external hard drive: Transfer all music from iPhone to an external hard drive Transfer selected music from


Back up files from your computer, camera, or SD cards to the cloud. Find your files on any device or computer using Google Drive, and see your photos in Google Photos. Download Backup and Sync for

IDrive addresses these concerns by offering the highest level of security and privacy controls. IDrive offers enterprise-class data protection for all your computers, servers, NAS and mobile devices with online backup and storage solutions.

The iFlash Drive is the smallest, fastest and simplest way to free up space for your iPhone, iPad or Android device. You can take all the pictures you want without worrying about running out of space on your device! Compatible with all iOs, Android, Mac, Windows


iPhone電腦兩用USB手指 299 原價 499 【$1820+】阿提哈德航空歐洲指定城市來回機票優惠 最近歐洲來回機票越來越平,但係想坐飛機都可以享受下,一定要揀阿提哈德航空!

Connect a USB drive to your iPad or iPhone and transfer files and documents, not just photos/videos with a simple app and a Lightning capable drive. There’s a lot of times that Apple seems to make things difficult for no reason. One of those being how closed their

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19/2/2020 · Steps for Download iPhone/iPad USB Drivers on Windows 10, Windows 8 or 7 and Install iPhone USB Driver Install iOS/iPadOS Drivers from Device Manager Follow the below solutions will help to fix Driver related issues on your Windows PC or Laptop. Still not help